The company’s privacy policy explicitly conveys that the organization, being the first party, collects and utilizes data from the customer, the second party. We strongly recommend that all second party members should review the privacy policy of the first party, and allow the first party with consent to use the personal information provided. If the customer (second party) does not agree to any of the terms of the company’s privacy policy, the first party requests the second party not to utilize the offered services of the first party.

Source of information:

The organization compiles the data provided by the second party on the website by 

  • Filling out several forms by the second party during the process
  • Information collected if and when the customer contacts the organization for queries and requests
  • Information collected through social media engagement and research surveys by the first party
  • Data sourced from Cookies and IP addresses by the second party from tracking Cookies and IP addresses 

Information regarding:

  • Size of the company’s audience
  • Second party’s (customers) usage patterns
  • Customers’ inclinations and preferences
  • Determining the return of customers as well as the reach of the company’s website
  • Tracks and detect the engagement rate of the organization’s website